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Why we choose wood

Waarom wij voor hout kiezen

Have you ever looked at how much plastic waste you use in a week? There is plastic around cucumbers, apples, pre-cut vegetables, bread, soft drinks, juices and water and meal salads, but clothing and care products ordered online are also packed in plastic. In the Netherlands, approximately 1,900 kilotonnes of plastic were brought onto the market in 2017 and approximately 1,650 kilotonnes of plastic waste processed. No less than 512 kilotons of this waste consisted of plastic packaging! Shocking huhe?

Bad for the Environment

Plastic is versatile and super cheap to make, which is why it is used so much. But plastic barely decomposes and therefore has a major effect on our environment. Think of theplastic soup and the millions of marine animals injured by things like plastic ghost nets that sit in our waters forever. Or how about tiny particles of microplastic that are in the water, the soil and air, which we hope will ultimately have little or no effect on our body. A typical plastic case, not so fantastic.

Our vision

We want to prevent the use of plastic as much as possible and contribute to an environmentally conscious interior. That is why we make all WoodWideCities products from wood and only buysustainable wood in. Sustainable wood comes from a sustainably managed forest. This means that the forest was not just felled for no reason.

In addition, sustainable wood lasts longer, there is little wear. We also use residual material to make smaller products, such as oursmagnets andkeychains. That way, nothing is lost, we use everything! In this way we want to make the world a little better.

Mail us!

What about our packaging, you may ask. We pack our products in cardboard. We designed these cardboard packaging ourselves and are tailor-made. If you buy a product from us, you will not discover a single strand of plastic. With the exception of an adhesive tape to keep the box closed. We are still looking for an alternative to this. Do you know a good solution Let us know! Mail your ideas to


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