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Sustainable wood Designed with locals

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On this page we have placed the instructions for our products. Can't figure it out yet No problem. Please feel free Contact us, we are happy to help you.

Standing Skyline

Press in the metal bow on the stand. Carefully slide the skyline between here.

Skyline Wall Decoration

Determine the correct location on the wall. Drill two holes and use the supplied plugs. Screw the magnets to the wall. The skyline can be hung on the magnets.


Slide the black cover carefully to the right, this is possiblegoing stiff. Insert three good quality AA batteries, these go last longer and slide the switch to ON. Use the remote controling to determine the light color. The lighting is in standby mode when the button is ON. To save energy, we recommend switching the lighting to OFF after use. The batteries will be slow otherwiseaam deflate. If the lighting no longer works, a low battery voltage is the most common cause. This is indicated by flashing LEDs.

Clock preparation

Due to shipment or enthusiastic unboxing of the clock, the hands are slightly bent or the hands are overlapping. You can gently bend the hands back without any problems. Always check that the hands do not touch each other. The clock runs on one AA battery for a long time.

Wood treatment

Wood is a material that expands or contracts depending on the sizehumidity and temperature change. To protect the skyline and to ensure that your artwork lasts a long time and is protected against UV radiation, you can choose from oils that protect the wood from the protect. Organic olive oil also works wonders. Werecommend that you treat the skyline at least twice a year.

Sustainable and fair wood
Made in the Netherlands
Designed with locals
Free shipping from €50