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Gratis verzending vanaf €50 | In Nederland geproduceerd

Duurzaam hout | Ontworpen met locals

WoodWideCities has been busy over the past year!

WoodWideCities is het afgelopen jaar druk bezig geweest! WoodWideCities

WoodWideCities has been busy over the past year. Shaking hands, introducing ourselves to the world, seeking and finding collaborations, processing orders.

We are busy expanding our circle of knowledge and our range, see Our vision for 2020 is: continue to grow and flourish. We are aiming to increase brand awareness in the Netherlands. We also hope to become more internationally known. WoodWide wants to go worldwide!e!

Below is a timeline with the highlights. We have not been idle in between.

The first six months consisted of devising and producing products, working hard on orders and maintaining relationships. The skylines and landscapes of the Wadden Islands were made for the summer holidays. And they turned out well, even if we say so ourselves! In July, Sanne was hired as the first employee. The two of us attended the Suppliers Days in Houten. The first scholarship forWoodWideCities.

Now we are about to move. From Moermanksweg number 2-18 to 2-11c.

After the move, we hope for a Christmas rush. We are ready, but we hope that we have worked hard enough on promotion and customer development to get something good out of it.

We ask for your help again to close the year successfully.

Do you have your own business? Think of us when you need a business gift. Maybe we can do something original for your Christmas package..

Not a company of our own, but a fan of our products. Our products are nice to receive, nice to give. Maybe you can make someone happy with one of our skylines!

We also wish you a great year-end close! Thanks and Regards, TeamWoodWideCities

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Duurzaam en eerlijk hout
In Nederland geproduceerd
Ontworpen met locals
Gratis verzending vanaf €50