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Five tips to decorate your home nicely

Vijf tips om je huis gezellig aan te kleden

Dressing up your home means home-made drawings on the wall and shoes for the fireplace. Or maybe you are there nice and early and you already have the Christmas tree in the living room. Two thumbs up, we say, because nothing beats having fun at home. Do you find it difficult to furnish your home? We give you five tips & amp; tricks for a cozy decoration..

1. Bare walls are a no-go

Right awaywall decoration you immediately create a cozy atmosphere and you have solved the problem of bare walls. When you think of a wall decoration, think of lighting, photo frames, a painting or a cool onewooden wall decoration from WoodWideCities, such as theskylines with lighting or awooden world map. You can place them wherever you want: above the sofa, above the fireplace, in the bedroom or in the office. Look closely at the wall on which you hang a decoration. If something is already hanging, it should not be too busy and it matches the rest of the wall decorationsies?

2. Conviviality has no time

The practical pearl among the wall decorations is oneclock on the wall. WoodWideCities has beautiful attractive woodwall clocks in the range with the skyline to your preference. Handy to see the time and at the same time pleasant to watch. If you want to purchase a wall clock, take a good look at thewood type. We use different types of wood and the wood color determines the appearance of your living room, bedroom or office. For example, we have clocks made of rosewood, bamboo, walnut and oak, each with their own color palette and we also have a sturdy black clock in our range! That also applies tothe skylines.

3. Make it personal

Your home automatically feels cozier when you add something personal to the interior, such as nice photos or souvenirs. By a skyline orwall clock by choosing WoodWideCities, you give your living room that extra touch. Choose a city where you were born, a metropolis you have visited or that vibrant place that is at the top of your bucket list. You can have the name of the city engraved on the item, but you can make it even more personal by having something else put on it. The date you met or the name of your daughter or son; the possibilities are endless. How nice is that?

4. Drinks away

With the holidays just around the corner, we will of course have a nice drink to end the year. Unfortunately, we don't do that with colleagues at work, but just at home. Create a cozy atmosphere by putting a bunch of flowers and nice coasters on the table. Our geometric animal coasters are made of wood and give a warm appearance. In addition, serve tasty snacks on our robusttapas board to finish. Also nice and new in our range: our geometric animal coasters for pans! Enjoy your meal!

5. Small but beautiful

Hellomagnets, bye boring fridge door. Our wooden skyline magnets are very cute and have become real collector's items. We use residual wood to make the magnets, so all magnets are thick and sturdy or rather: tough and robust. Looks nice on the fridge door, extractor hood and kitchen wall. Choose the city of your preference!

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