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The top 5 SPECIAL gifts

De top 5 BIJZONDERE cadeaus WoodWideCities

Giving the right gift It is all about the gesture .. Lame nonsense people. Some moments in the lives of loved ones are invaluable. And that includes memorable gifts. Gifts that are given straight from the heart and hopefully provide that oh so desired effect. That spark of happiness and satisfaction every time the lucky one looks at it or thinks about it. Because let's face it; how many gifts have you received in your life that will stay with you in this way. Right, maybe just a few, one or nothing at all. Where was this in him then; the precious, the moment, the one from whom you received it or all together A special gift, whatever it may be, touches someone's soul, because you pay attention to someone. A little too much pressure for you Then here is the top 5 types of gifts that usually melt our delicate souls.elten.

# 1 An outing as an experience

“The best way to pay for a great moment is to enjoy it. source: Richard Bach

If you want to give someone a special gift, this does not always have to be a physical object. After all, it's about creating a unique experience that touches someone inside. So give someone an outing as a gift! What a word for something so grand… an outing. Anyway, think of cool outings such as;

  • Tickets to crazyconcert from someone's favorite musiciansn)
  • Tickets for a hilarious and / or excitingtheater performance
  • Tickets for a fun outing with friends or family to onetheme park
  • Amuseum card for famous museums of your choice
  • Book a cozy weekend away right away as in a beautiful onecity trip
  • A wonderful day de-stressing in a sauna with awellness package

There you have it. The choice is huge when it comes to giving away an unforgettable getaway as a gift. Good luck with it! You're going to make someone very happy with this.

# 2 A sporting activity as an experience

Race car

“Keep all your memories safe; you cannot relive them. source: Bob Dylan

You can't make some people happier than with a DIY gift. Apart from the opinion of the company that should participate in this for convenience, of course. But it is also great fun to do active experiences with a group of loved ones! Joh, how about activities to give as a gift like;

My boy! Let us not deny that this is where a good deal of self-interest is involved with the generous givers. Can you already see yourself and the company screeching over a racetrack? These are unique gifts that most of us only experience once. It costs a lot of money, but spectacular experiences as described above will quickly make you forget such a prize.en. 

# 3 Culinary gifts for ultimate enjoyment

“Eating together is oil for friendship” source: Felix Timmermans

Well, who can't make you happy with food and drink There are very few of them and the reason why is often because it also makes them secretly very happy. You can shove food in and you can indulge your senses in such a culinary way that you spontaneously feel like watching the Hollywood classic. ‘When Harry with Sally’ to put into practice. Giving anight out for dinner going to a top restaurant is a gift that the lucky ones will remember for a long time to come. Make sure you book a little far in advance, because getting a seat in the best restaurants in the Netherlands is top sport these days.

A tasting as a gift ..
Eating is to enjoy together, but what about the liquid pleasures of life! Is the lucky one a lover of a nice drink? Organize one whiskey tasting as a gift to let an expert surprise your company, with breathtaking single malts from mostly the Scottish Highlands. Is whiskey too intense for you? For example, go for one beer tasting . So many countless specialty beers have been brewed in recent years. And then you also have the traditional Belgian giants that many swear by. To coast and to choose during a tasting in a cozy beer café. Sláinte!

# 4 Donate art; is also an art

“Art is love in every act.” source: Paul van Ostaijen

If you really want to touch someone's heart with a gift, feel deep into someone's life and filter that which enraptures that person and experiences genuine happiness. In most cases these are not physical things, but inner feelings such as sentiments from the past. Loved ones themselves naturally also bring a lot of emotions and shared history with them. Well now, unite all this in art as in an object touching someone inside. Someone reaches a respectable age Someone has achieved or conquered something On the other hand an anniversary or a festive commemoration Create art like;als;

  • apainting with someone's children on it
  • asculpture of a loved one or something
  • a wood-carved work, such as a beautiful oneskyline on the wall of someone's hometown
  • Something from the pen, such as a beautiful poem or another variation of word art

It springs from the heart and appeals to the imagination. Loving ones such as family members, or immortalizing nostalgic things and / or objects is art that evokes warm feelings forever. You only give that to someone once. So when you do it, do it from the heart.

# 5 Sustainable gifts; give something back together

“Lasting happiness can only be found in sincerity. Source: G. C. Lichtenberg

Let's conclude the top 5 special gifts with a type of gift that fully meets the current zeitgeist. If you go for this variant, you go for hip and ultra urgent. Quite a fun pastime all those awesome gifts, but most of them are obviously very bad for our global environment. Let us quote some figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics; The amount of household waste per inhabitant has been around or above 550 kilos per year for over ten years. The quantity has decreased slightly in the last few years..”

In any case, there is more awareness going on in our little country, but we are only just on the move, as this quote shows. And we are only talking about the Netherlands. So, work on the shop ..; let's say. Otherwise we can start building an ark instead of passing presents to each other. Okay, this point has been made. But how and what when it comes tom special and durable gifts? Well very simple actually.

  • Give a gift of which all proceeds will go to charity. You can give a piece of rainforest as a gift, for example. How cool is that to getn?
  • If you give a physical gift, make sure that it is wrapped with recycled paper. Old newspapers or something. Are these still useful in digital times?
  • If we are already on the already used tour, give someone a super cool second-hand gift. A little searching every now and then yields very interesting finds and are ideal as a special gift.
  • Nowadays waste is also reused for art, for example. And we have already talked about art. The ultimate combination. A sustainable art object as a special gift.

Finally, in drawing up the balance of the special gifts, we can unanimously state that the first 4 points in this blog are all equally suitable to continue under the heading;sustainable gifts. Well ... except for all those much too fun sports activities that involve a lot of motor violence and fossil fuels. With an electric sports car on the racetrack anyway, all the best to everyone in choosing your unique, special gift for a loved one..


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