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Business gifts:hot or not?

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His promotional gifts dated Hell no! The traditional calendar may be, but original promotional gifts are more popular than ever. It is important to stay close to the customer. A personalized gift that is the key.y.

A survey by Promotional Products Association International PPAI shows that as many as 75 percent of the respondents could remember after two years from which company he or she had received a promotional gift. 20.9 percent also appeared to buy something after receiving a business gift, compared to 7.1 percent after seeing a television advertisement. So it is certainly not wasted money. In fact, a business gift is a good

A well-chosen gift has a long lifespan and ensures multiple contact moments. For example, your customer puts his cup of coffee on a printed coaster several times, he drinks several glasses from a nice bottle of wine, the baby wears the bodysuit several times and even that calendar is viewed more than once. All valuable contact moments.

Another advantage of a promotional gift is the transfer of an emotional value. Something that is difficult to achieve with other marketing tools. The item chosen should give the receiver the feeling that the giver has made an effort to find out something special. So there is no way to just put something together, staying close to the customer is the way to go.

Retaining existing customers is cheaper than bringing in new ones. A promotional gift also plays a strong role in strengthening existing relationships. It can have a big positive impact on the relationship. The same applies to valuing employees. After all, no successful company without motivated employees. However, do not wait until December to purchase promotional gifts. By adding a wow effect to the gift, for example the unexpected giving moment, the gift will linger in the memory even longer.n.

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