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Is it difficult to hang wall decorations? No, it is not!

Ophangen wanddecoraties moeilijk? Nee hoor!

You would like to purchase a wall decoration from WoodWideCities, but something is holding you back. You already break a sweat at the thought that you have to hold a hammer and you have two left hands. In short: you are not a handy Harry. No problem at all: thanks to the handy hanging system from WoodWideCities, everyone can use ourwall decorations on the wall to confirm. A child can do the laundry!

Screw it inn

Every skyline or wall clock has a practical and easy to attach hanging system. The larger sizes come with two strong magnets that go into the wall with screws. So you have to drill, but this is limited to two holes.

The skyline has a steel suspension system, which you stick to the magnets and you're done, it is firmly attached! The use of the magnets makes the skyline appear to merge into the wall. Thesmaller sizes have a pedestal, with which you can place them, so that's a breeze.


  1. Drill two holes in the wall.
  2. Mount the screws with magnet in the wall and screw them tight.t.
  3. Hang the skyline against it.
  4. You're done! See me shine!!

Still too difficult?

We've made an instructional video to guide you through it.


If that is not the case yet, please call us for advice! Tel .: +31085 - 303 715555.

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