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Does WoodWideCities have products made from sustainable wood? Check!

Heeft WoodWideCities producten van duurzaam hout? Check!

All WoodWideCities products are made from sustainable wood. Of course that sounds great, but what exactly is sustainable wood and why do we choose it?

Sustainable wood comes from forests that are managed sustainably. This means that you buy wood that has not been cut recklessly. The logging takes into account the ecological function of the forest as a living environment for animals and plants. You can recognize sustainable wood by the PEFC Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification quality mark or the FSC Forest Stewardship Council quality mark.erk.

What do we sell?

Both the PEFC quality mark and the FSC quality mark work towards the same goal: responsible forest management. FSC wants to sustainably manage, exploit and preserve forests and thus protect them from destruction. We only buy wood from FSC or PFEC wood. So you contribute to responsible forest management if youa product from WoodWideCities!

Why do we choose sustainable?

We choose sustainable wood because it is less harmful to the environment. Wood is very environmentally friendly: you can plant trees again and again and relatively little fossil fuels, oil, coal, gas are needed to cut, transport and process wood.n.

Wood is easily reusable and it is biodegradable if it is not impregnated. We think that is important. Some of our products consist of residual material. In this way we do our bit. We also want to offer wooden products to combat the use of plastic.n.


In addition, the lifespan of sustainable wood is much longer than other types of wood. For example, some types of wood are more resistant to moisture. A win-win situation!

Wood in your interior

Do you want to brighten up your interior or give a skyline as a gift At WoodWideCities it is always a hit. Search your city or discover ourskyline wall decorations,standing skylines,wall clocks,coasters,tapas boards,desk organizers,provinces,world maps andcitymaps.

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