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Do you have a WoodWideCities original? About copyright and copycats

Heb jij een WoodWideCities original? Over auteursrecht en copycats

WoodWideCities is a small organization with big ambitions. We invent, design and produce our own wall decorations. The design for our skylines was conceived by an architect Joyce Kuiken from Eggworks. She has used a style that differs from the style of other skylines as can be found online. We want to distinguish ourselves!n!

Own style

Joyce has invested a lot of time, money and effort in developing a recognizable, unique style that runs like a thread through all the designs of the skylines: an abstract representation of the most characteristic buildings with larger openings and contours that fall within the skyline . , are shown schematically. Characteristic is a line that indicates the interior contours. Are you still following us?og?

Please don't copy!

Because Joyce came up with the design for our products, it contains intellectual property and copyright. That means our design and style should not be copied. Unfortunately, we have discovered a few times that our design is simulated. When we see this, we are going to take action. We first send a letter to the maker in which we kindly ask to remove our design from all visual expressions, website, promotional material, and social media. We give 7 days for this. If this does not happen, we are forced to take further steps. If the product is counterfeit in physical form and shows very strong similarities to our designs, we will immediately take legal action. Sounds intense, but what wood you dodo?

We invest a lot of time and money in the development of our product and are commercially dependent on this. In addition, we just want to remain original and not be one of the many.

Choose an original WoodWideCities

WoodWideCities stands for quality. That is why we purchase high-quality veneer wood that is custom-made for us. Our supplier also supplies veneer wood to the shipbuilding industry. Mainly for panels in luxury yachts. How cool is that! You will not easily find the quality and craftsmanship of our products elsewhere. See the differences in the examples below. It should be clear which of the two is an original WoodWideCities..

Voorkant skylines links WoodWideCities, rechts namaak
Front skylines: left WoodWideCities and right counterfeit

Achterkant skylines: links WoodWideCities en rechts namaak
Back of skylines: left WoodWideCities and right counterfeit

Voetjes skylines: links WoodWideCities met luxe voetje en rechts namaak met houten voetjes
Feet skylines: left WoodWideCities with luxury foot and right imitation with wooden feet

Verpakkingsinhoud: links WoodWideCities en rechts namaak
Delivery includes: left WoodWideCities and right counterfeit

Kwaliteit en dikte hout: links WoodWideCities en rechts namaak
Wood quality and thickness: WoodWideCities on the left and imitation on the right

help us

If you come across a product or visual statement that infringes our designs, please let us know via our contact page. This ensures that we can remain unique and original. In addition, we are eternally grateful to you!


If the design is visible and the agreements are too strong Then it infringes our property right. In that case, our lawyer will consider the next steps..

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