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Gratis verzending vanaf €50 | In Nederland geproduceerd

Duurzaam hout | Ontworpen met locals

This reminds me of the wonderful time I had in Utrecht!

Dit herinnert mij aan de mooie tijd die ik in Utrecht heb gehad! WoodWideCities

Matthijs Akkenaar, commercial, has the skyline of Utrecht hanging on his wall.


“I was born and raised in Utrecht Kanaleneiland, spent my student days in Lombok on Soerabaystraat and had my first job in Utrecht: I drove around tourists in a cargo bike. Of course I could often be found at the FC. I no longer live in Utrecht, but this wall decoration reminds me of the wonderful time I had there. All buildings are very recognizable and the perfect quality of the wood and the lighting make it a good whole. I am also very pleased with the packaging of the skyline: when I received it, it felt like a present!e!” 

Interview by: Heidi van Duuren, WoodWideCities

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In Nederland geproduceerd
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Gratis verzending vanaf €50