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Keyholder Mama

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CO2 neutraal - Bomen planten met Regreener Voor elke bestede €100,- planten wij een boom.

Put mom in the limelight with this unique key holder with your town on it! A key for mom, for dad and the kids. Engraved with your own names. How nice is that Really something for mom and your family..

The key holder is available in walnut and / or oak and consists of four houses with a ring for your keys. The houses hang in the skyline, so your keys can always be found in a fixed place. Handy, right?

Choose your own city

You can choose from the skyline of your own city. View all ourskylines of all cities to see what your skyline will look like. Choose your own city and let us know which names should be engraved on the cottages key rings.. 

Easy to assemble

At the back of the key holder 2 openings have been made so that you can easily hang this eyecatcher on 2 screws.

How do I pass on the names 

During the checkout you can post a comment with the following text:

  • House 1: mama
  • Cottage 2: dad or a name
  • Cottage 3: a name
  • Cottage 4: a name

Of course you can also decide for yourself what will be placed on the houses. There is room for 1 name or word per house. Please provide the names during checkout so you can be sure your names will be on it.


  • American veneered oak or walnut
  • Including handy hanging system
  • Handmade in the Netherlands
  • Sustainable and certified wood
  • Dimensions 32 x 10 cm

Niet helemaal gevonden wat je zocht?

Vul de naam van je stad of bekijk alle steden of ontdek de producten.

Duurzaam en eerlijk hout
In Nederland geproduceerd
Ontworpen met locals
Gratis verzending vanaf €50